Boston 2024 is Dead, and that’s okay

July 28, 2015 - 2 minutes read

The prospect of hosting an Olympic games in Boston was originally exciting for me. As an Engineer I would have found plenty of work preparing the stadiums for TV broadcasts or working the actual event. As a USA Archery Coach and former competitive athlete it would have been amazing to have the Olympics in my hometown, but at what cost? As a resident I saw the enormous opportunity to overturn the NIMBYism which is rampant in Boston and finally make substantial improvements to the infrastructure of the region. I saw this as the event which would catapult Boston into being a leader in the innovation economy. Unfortunately, the organization Boston 2024 dropped the ball, along with Mayor Walsh. The lack of transparency and poor communication in the planning process doomed the bid from the start.

Boston doesn’t need a deadline to cram its infrastructure improvements for, as we’ve been constantly improving for years. Boston doesn’t need white elephant stadiums that could somehow be turned into mixed use housing. Boston needs well built, organically born mixed use communities. NIMBYism is always going to be a problem, the selfishness of some cause gridlock in the democratic process which can only be cleared through legitimate conversation and acceptance between viewpoints.

While much of the opposition to Boston 2024 was NIMBYism, the bid was flawed from the moment Mayor Walsh blindly signed it. Boston will continue to improve regardless of the status of the Olympic bid, though slowly enough to get gunked up by NIMBYs. Let’s hope Mayor Walsh can cultivate real conversations like the community events used to discuss the Olympic Bid on a host of other projects, such is the best way to combat NIMBYs.

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