NPR One – Personalcasting

July 29, 2015 - 1 minute read

NPR One is an awesome app that could usher in a new era of content consumption. The medium tailors stories based on the user’s chosen affiliate and subscriptions, among other factors. It engages the user more-so than air feeds or podcasts by integrating NPR’s hourly newscasts with excerpted short stories and full length programs. It feels like the radio, just for you.

NPR One is a beautiful, basic, and intuitive app that falls behind on two details. The app does not allow users to play back at variable speeds as its competitors such as Apple Podcasts does. Another feature which may be more difficult to implement but is integral to the success of the app is near-live streaming. NPR would be innovating a new paradigm of content consumption if they are able to make a personalization system that pulls live streams along with pre-recorded content. One could even go as far to break into current content with breaking news coverage, but give the user the option to return to normal programming.

NPR One could be a game changer, but for now it’s still an excellent medium for content consumption. Personalcasting is the obvious future of broadcasting and if NPR is able to personalize and integrate live and taped content they will be the first example of the next generation of ‘casting.

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