Norwood High School TV Program

Audio Visual

I spent 4 years in Norwood High Schools Media Production program and that’s where I’ve learned much of what I know. I am forever in debt to Ann Kraus and Jeb Brunt for teaching and dealing with me along with the staff of Norwood Public Access and specifically Jack Tolman. I attended the Student Television Network convention twice and each year I worked in leadership positions on large projects which were produced in a 16 hours. For four years I worked on NHS Update, the daily morning news show. Upon graduation I was awarded with the Dick Kief Memorial NPA-TV Scholarship. Check out some of the projects I worked on in my high school years below:

This is a trailer for a made up film I shot and edited early in my time at Norwood High School:

This is a highlight video I shot and edited to air on NHS Update the next day, I’m pretty proud of the camerawork.

This is an opening sequence and promo that I shot and edited for NHS Update After Dark.

I edited this hot open the night of Norwood High School’s first lip dub, it aired as the hot open to NHS Update the next day: